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    "Spend more time growing your
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Financial Consolidation

• Collecting information from different regions/locations

• Reconciliation of data (Single-source-of-truth)

• Compliance with multiple GAAP requirements at the same time

• Bottleneck identification and process monitoring

• Timely providing both legal and management reporting

• Manual maintaining consolidation logic (e.g. Translations, eliminations, calculations and consolidations)

High value while reducing cycle times

Consolidation Monthly Cycle

What solution can bring us?

Streamlined Data Collection

Provide platform for all region users for data submission. Reduce manual data input by integration with finance system. Reduce miscommunication and risk of incorrect data. Decentralize role and responsibility.

Data Quality Control

Validate data before submission. Allow data tracking with audit log.

Data Source Standardization

Provide flexibility and extendibility on different sources and different targets of data flow.

Consolidation Process Automation

Automate translation, elimination and calculation logic in system. Run consolidation by one click . Reduce working days for consolidation cycle. Comply with different GAAPs with adjustments.

Robust Reporting & Analysis

Enable web-based / ad hoc reports. Facilitate both legal and management analysis reports