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    “…Information is the oil
      of the 21st century,
      and analytics is the
      combustion engine…”
      Peter Sondergaard, the Gartner Group

Next Generation Business Analytics

Pre-defined reporting is stone-age BI. New age Analytic solutions formulates actions through predictions and what-if analysis.

Combine all your data (Excel files, web data or data system) and perform queries without writing a single line of code. Follow your natural train of thought as you shift between views with drag-and-drop technology.

Transition from the traditional directed (know what you need) analytics to discovery-based (don’t know what to look for) analytics. Uncover new dimensions, trends, or patterns in your data to understand root cause. Seize every opportunity to take pre-emptive actions to mitigate risk.

You can ask the unasked questions, see the unseen, and find the unknown unknowns, through the intuitive & interactive visualization, drill up and down or across the data. Thus, you anticipate what’s next and quickly discover what you need to do.

With the cloud platform, teams work on the same set of updated data and analysis in desktop and mobile devices.


Get a 360˚ View of Your Business

Business Information are no longer confined to ERP, CRM or CIM systems. BIG Contents includes people-oriented sources such as chat logs, emails, documents, weblogs etc. Combining traditional data with BIG Content is important to get a complete picture of your business that in turn empowers business users to make decisions with positive impact.


Financial Performance

Create interactive dashboards with huge amounts of data to monitor business measures such as actual vs budget vs forecast, revenues and expenses, cash flows and risks etc. Communicate key measures better across your organization and clients.


HR Analytics

Help HR professionals make timely yet accurate decisions in different strategic human capital management tasks including analysing, planning, forecasting and formulating strategies based on up-to-date data.


Operation Efficiency Analysis

Reveal hidden factors that affect efficiency and productivity. By complementing perception, intuition or opinions with facts, manufactureres better utilize customer/employee feedback to define strategies.


Retail Analytics

Delivers scalable, flexible, advanced and cost effective analytic solutions for optimizing merchandizing and marketing decisions.